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Friday, 27 June 2014

Popular snack in Japan : Taiyaki (たい焼き)

Taiyaki litterally "baked sea bream" is a fish-shaped pancake that is usually filled with Azuki red bean paste. But it also comes with different favors such as chocolate or custard. Taiyaki is said to have been invented first in 1909 by a shop in Azabujuban. 

Although they're frequently sold from temporary stalls  (street sellers near temples, during festivals or farmers' markets), there are also few permanent places that make selling taiyaki a full-time business. I advise the one below in Kyoto.

幸せの黄金鯛焼き 清水寺店
        Price :         ~ ¥150
      Address :      126-2 Kiyomizu 5 Chome, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto prefecture 
605- 0862
      Access :        Kiyomizu Gojo Station
      Phone :          075-551-3160

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