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Monday, 11 May 2015

Yoshikawa Tempura Restaurant

If you are searching for the perfect place to be served a traditionnal Japanese lunch, Yoshikawa Tempura Restaurant is THE place.

Located in Central Kyoto, and adjoined to Yoshikawa Ryokan, this restaurant opened in the 1950s. For those not familiar with the Japanese term, "tempura" refers to a Japanese dish, composed of vegetables and seafood that have been deep fried, and which is eaten with salt.

Yoshikawa Tempura Restaurant is very popular among tourists and locals, for the quality and taste of the products are exceptionnal. If you are sceptic about the concept of "tempura", this place is the right one to give it a try. Although it consists of fried ingredients, we are far from the greasy meal. Plus, each type of product is to be eaten with a different type of salt or sauce, at your convenience, which is really great if you want to experience unique flavors.
Moreover, entering this restaurant makes you feel at home,as only 11 people can sit and eat at the counter at the same time. The food is prepared right in front of your eyes, and both the chief and the waitress are lovely people who will do anything to let you enjoy a traditionnal Japanese meal.

More informations here (website in English)

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